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DESIGN314 is a graphic design firm that provides print, web & ePublication services by using a business subscription service model.

Our firm specializes in print design, web design, ePublication creation, branding assistance and presentation design services. DESIGN314's subscription service eliminates the charge-per-project model and instead, bills a flat rate for our services at a specified number of hours each month - which can be ideal for smaller companies. While our main focus is our subscription model, we do offer our services towards people and companies who don't need continuous service but merely a single project created for their business.

The more we know about you and your business, the better we can tie in your branding, values, key focus areas and mission into the products we create for you. Because of this, DESIGN314 believes in face-to-face meetings with clients when discussing a new project, providing proofs or the final product, which helps to not only learn about the company, environment and team members that contribute to the success of the company, but to help establish a strong relationship as well.

Our office is located in Hudsonville, MI, roughly 15 minutes outside of Grand Rapids but our services reach out to almost all of west Michigan.

DESIGN314 Services

DESIGN314 lumps our services into three primary areas: Web Design, Print Design and our Subscription Service - which incorporates both print and web. Under our subscription model, we will reserve a number of hours determined by the client every month towards the design of any print or web product that your business will need at the same rate every month.

DESIGN314 Portfolio

Below are a few examples of work we've done for our clients.

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