The DESIGN314 Subscription Service

Design projects have fluctuating costs. Even as a design firm, when we work with third-party companies, one of our questions we wonder is how much the costs will be.

DESIGN314 utilizes a business subscription model in order to simplify most of these factors to help your company effectively budget more accurately for marketing. The procedure, overall, is quite simple. We meet to discuss what you or your company's overall needs are and then write up a contract where DESIGN314 reserves a specific number of hours per month for your company. You are not required to use them within a specific time during the month - they are your hours. Simply reach out to us when you have a need and we'll get started on it.

Each project still requires a contract, but instead of a cost, we provide an estimated number of hours we think the project will take. If a project takes longer than we estimated, we will not deduct additional hours.

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